KYOUNG OK GO  2 pound

KYOUNG OK GO 2 pound

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Made in Korea, Product by Jesundang(제선당)

This herbal medicine is composed of Korean ginseng, Rehmannia root, Poria Cocos and Honey based on the prescription on the Korean traditional medical book Dongeui Bogam, which is recognized as a restorative enforcing the vitality of whole organs, elimination fatigues, anti-exhaustion followed by weariness. Because of the special properties that has no any interferences against any foods, this products has been used by the ancient royal families and the nobles. Especially this product improves the growth of children and helps recovery from the weariness due to illness and stress.

  • Nourishment and Tonic
  • Weak physical constitution
  • Body exhaustion
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Weakness after disease
  • Anti menopausal disorder
  • Students and brainworkers
  • Lose appetite pregnant women
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