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It will give you more knowledge about acupuncture points and introduce other various acupuncture therapies.
Seminar UserName Date Point
Acupressure Or Acupuncture – Fingers Or Needlesadmin01/06/20100
Acupuncture Treats Food Poisoningadmin07/07/20080
Can Acupuncture Help?admin04/07/20080
Pathway of the Du MaiAdmin09/24/20070
Pathway of the Ren MaiAdmin09/24/20070
Pathway of the Liver meridian of Foot-JueyinAdmin09/24/20070
Pathway of the Gall Bladder meridian of Foot-ShaoyangAdmin09/24/20070
Pathway of the Triple Energizer meridian of Hand-ShaoyangAdmin09/24/20070
Pathway of the Pericardium meridian of Hand-JueyinAdmin09/24/20070
Pathway of the Kidney meridian of Foot-ShaoyinAdmin09/24/20070
Pathway of the Urinary Bladder meridian of Foot-TaiyangAdmin09/24/20070
Pathway of the Small Intestine meridian of Hand-TaiyangAdmin09/24/20070
Pathway of the Heart meridian of Hang-ShaoyinAdmin09/24/20070
Pathway of the Spleen meridian of Foot-TaiyinAdmin09/19/20070
Pathway of the Stomach meridian of Foot-YangmingAdmin09/19/20070
Pathway of the Large Intestine meridian of Hand-YangmingAdmin09/19/20070
Pathway of the Lung meridian of Hand-TaiyinAdmin09/19/20070
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