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It will give you useful papers and articles about Asian Medicine you can apply in your clinic.
Seminar UserName Date Point
Acupuncture can lower blood pressure!admin03/10/20080
Phases of the Menstrual Cycle from a TCM perspectiveadmin11/08/20070
The orgin of Wen Dan Tangadmin11/08/20070
[reference]format for a research paperadmin10/26/20070
Thoracic Outlet SyndromeAdmin10/01/20070
The Flexible Use of Xi-Cleft Points for Musculoskeletal Diso...Admin10/01/20070
Fundamentals of Managing Sports InjuriesAdmin10/01/20070
Acupuncture for Tennis ElbowAdmin10/01/20070
A different approach to TMJ treatmentAdmin10/01/20070
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