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It will give you various diagnostic methods and approach to diseases.
Seminar UserName Date Point
Sprain and contusion, Toothacheadmin01/18/20080
Morning sickness, Prolonged labor, Insufficient lactation, L...admin01/18/20080
Cerebral hemorrhageadmin01/18/20080
Allergic Rhinitis, Deafness and tinnitus, Epistaxisadmin01/18/20080
Low Back Painadmin01/18/20080
Diabetes, Arthritisadmin01/18/20080
Irregular menstruation, Dysmenorrhea, Amenorrhea, Morbid leu...admin01/18/20080
Impotence, Nocturnal emission, Spermatorrheaadmin01/18/20080
Edema, Noctunal enuresis, Urination disturbances, Retention ...admin01/18/20080
Insomnia, Poor memory, Palpitationadmin01/18/20080
Manic depressive disorder, Melancholia, Hysteriaadmin01/18/20080
Hypochondriac pain, Headache, Dizzinessadmin01/18/20080
Constipation, Prolapse of rectum, Hiccupadmin01/18/20080
Epigastric pain, Vomiting, Abdominal pain, Diarrhea, Dysenta...admin01/18/20080
Common cold, cough d/t common cold, Sore throat, Asthmaadmin01/07/20080
[Pulse Dx.]Short pulseadmin11/08/20070
[Pulse Dx.]Intermittent pulseadmin11/08/20070
[Pulse Dx.]Thready pulseadmin11/08/20070
[Pulse Dx.]Minute pulseadmin11/08/20070
[Pulse Dx.]Empty pulseadmin11/08/20070
[Pulse Dx.]Moving pulseadmin11/08/20070
[Pulse Dx.]Hurried pulseadmin11/08/20070
[Pulse Dx.]Hasty pulseadmin11/08/20070
[Pulse Dx.]Rapid pulseadmin11/08/20070
[Pulse Dx.]Knotted pulseadmin11/08/20070
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