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You can notice Continuing Education Classes coming soon.
Seminar UserName Date Price
Dr. Tan Invites You to his hometown for the 10th Annual Bala...admin02/13/2009Free
Doctoral Student for A Dayadmin02/13/2009Free
Doctoral Student for A Dayadmin02/13/2009Free
Listening to the Body: Understanding the Language of Stress-...admin12/27/2008Free
Barbar Kirschbaum at Yo San University (Menopause and Tongue...admin12/23/2008Free
CEU (Continue Educaiont Unit) by CMA, USAadmin12/23/2008Free
Friday Aug.22 ~ Monday, Aug.25 Constitutional Facial Renewaladmin07/15/2008Free
October 4-5,2008[Oakland,CA]Lingering Pathogensadmin06/10/2008Free
Sep.6.2008[Oakland,CA]Pharmacology for the TCM practitioneradmin06/09/2008Free
July 19-20,2008[Oakland,CA]-The best of Master Tung's Magic ...admin06/09/2008Free
Jan. 10&11,2008[Emperor's College]-Working with Yang Qiao&Yi...admin03/31/2008Free
Dec.6&7,2008[Emperor's College]-Working with Yin Qiao&Yang W...admin03/31/2008Free
November 16,23&Dec.7,2008[Emepror's College]-Working with Ad...admin03/31/2008Free
November 8&9,2008[Emeperor's College]-Kiiko Matsumoto Style ...admin03/31/2008Free
November 1&2,2008[Emepror's College]-Working with Shen Park ...admin03/31/2008Free
October 26,2008[Emepror's College]-Flow Tuinaadmin03/31/2008Free
October 4&5,2008[Emepror's College]-Working with Du Mai&Ren ...admin03/31/2008Free
September 20&21,2008[Emperor's College]-Harmonizing with sea...admin03/31/2008Free
September 13&14,2008[Emperor's College]-Kiiko Matsumoto Styl...admin03/31/2008Free
September 7,2008[Emperor's College]-Electro-Acupunctureadmin03/31/2008Free
September 6&7,2008[Emperor's College]-Working with Back Shu ...admin03/31/2008Free
August 17m24&31,2008[Emperor's College]-TCM Gynecologyadmin03/31/2008Free
Aug. 2&3,2008[Emperor's College]-Working with Shen Park IIIadmin03/31/2008Free
July 27, Aug.3&10,2008[Emperor's College]-TCM Treatment of C...admin03/31/2008Free
July 20&27,2008[Emperor's College]-TCM Urology&Male Sexual D...admin03/31/2008Free
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