Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
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This section gives you all the information about phlebotomy including interpretation of the lab result and the school and careers as phlebotomist.
This section leads you to have better idea of what homeopathy is and get to know more of different culture's homeopathy remedies. Also introduces various types of nutrition for healthy life style.
Western Herbology
This section introduces western herbology that were not used in oriental medicine in the past but could be used accordingly.
Tui Na
This section introduces the types of Tui Na and other massage therapies that could help relieve the symptoms.
Animal Acupuncture
This section includes how the animal acupuncture is working and the requirements and etc.
This section introduces variety types of nutrition for healthy life style.
OM Terminalogy
This section includes the PinYin and English terminology and explanation of each terminology.
This section covers anything that were not included in above categories.
Flea Market
The place where you can buy what you need and sell what you have!
The place where you can find the job and the employee
Continuing Education Infomation
You can notice Continuing Education Classes coming soon.
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