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It will help you to understand the acupoints of our body and ear-acupuncture theory.
Seminar Price
Hand TaiYin Lung MeridianFree
Hand YangMing Large Intestine MeridianFree
Foot YangMing Stomach MeridianFree
Foot TaiYin Spleen MeridianFree
Hand ShaoYin Heart MeridianFree
Hand TaiYang Small Intestine MeridianFree
Foot TaiYang Urinary Bladder MeridianFree
Foot ShaoYin Kidney MeridianFree
Hand JueYin Pericardium MeridianFree
Hand ShaoYang SanJiao MeridianFree
Foot ShaoYang GallBladder MeridianFree
Foot JueYin Liver MeridianFree
Du MeridianFree
Ren MeridianFree
Extra PointsFree
Ear AcupunctureFree
Channel SummaryFree
Points SummaryFree
Extra ChannelsFree
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